Regular MBA Program

A regular MBA program usually takes two years to complete, although some programs may offer accelerated options or part-time options that can take longer to complete. The coursework covers a broad range of topics, including finance, marketing, accounting, management, and leadership. Students may also have the opportunity to specialize in specific areas, such as healthcare management, entrepreneurship, or international business.

An MBA course opted by you will signify your interest and preference for the domain and function which you are interested to study during your MBA program. However, it is not easy to opt for the best MBA courses with so many options available in the market. There are more than 3000 MBA colleges that offer more than 8500 different types of MBA courses in India. It becomes very confusing how to choose and finalize the best MBA out of so many courses. 

In current scenario and going by the career growth projections, the list of MBA courses in India that are top 10 specializations include:

Major Specialisation in Regular MBA