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MBA Abroad Program

An MBA program from a foreign university can be a great option for Indian students who want to gain a global perspective and enhance their career opportunities. Many top-ranked universities around the world offer MBA programs that are designed to meet the needs of international students.

MBA is one of the courses which is widely opted for by students because of the career opportunities it offers. After completing an MBA abroad, students can seek jobs in managerial positions with handsome salaries and go on making grow and develop in their careers. Students who want to study abroad can opt for MBA programs offered by universities in various countries, but before delving into it, let us first know the different types of MBA courses available abroad.

MBA Abroad admissions are conducted on GMAT scores and performance in language proficiency tests such as TOEFL and IELTS. A bachelor’s degree with 50% marks in business or a related field from a recognized university and a work experience of 3 to 5 years is required to pursue MBA Abroad.

MBA Finance is the most desired specialization for students who prefer to study MBA Abroad.

MBA Abroad can be an expensive affair. The fees can shoot up to INR 80 Lakhs to even a few crores. This is much higher than the MBA Fees offered in Indian colleges. However, the candidates have the option of availing of various financial benefits available through the various MBA scholarships. 

In current scenario and going by the career growth projections, the list of MBA courses in abroad that are top 10 specializations include:

Major Specialisation in MBA Abroad